Welcome to Shotgun Pinups! We are a married couple who live and work in the Houston, TX area. We combine our talents to create memorable photos and cater to those wishing to try a vintage-style shoot. We love shooting vintage-centric events, car shows, airshows, reenactments, classic cars, and warbirds/classic planes. We support veterans and troops, and love anything to do with military history, vintage art and culture, and museums. We are an affiliate of Dames, Planes and Automobiles Magazine, and all appropriate photos may be slated for publication if our clients so wish. Themed shoots are available throughout the year.


We are currently serving the Greater Houston, TX area and are open to travel.

​Email: berettafleur@gmail.com      Facebook Page: ShotgunPinups



Morris is the photographer, lighting, and set director for Shotgun Pinups. He builds supercomputers and consults on builds for prominent oil & gas and government agencies, and is a dedicated and passionate photographer.

Morris has been shooting digital and film photography for 25 years. He was originally trained in traditional fine art photography through Cal State Los Angeles, working for many years in medium format film in his own darkroom before adding digital photography to his skill set. 

His portfolio contains everything from landscape to portraiture, pinup, event photography, film sets, and avant-garde surrealism. He enjoys photographing events, airshows, and classic cars and warbirds. His love for the art of photography extends to his collection of vintage cameras.


Morris's photography has been published nationally in many vintage lifestyle publications, as well as several books and wedding magazines.


Beretta is an author and production director with 10 years of experience in vintage lifestyle publications, design, and publishing. As one half of the team that runs Shotgun Pinups, and as the principal at Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine (established by former Editor and Publisher Vivian Rouge, VA), she enjoys working on projects related to vintage lifestyle and pinup. She provides direction, hair, makeup, wardrobe, and styling for Shotgun Pinups, plus photo editing and graphic design services.


Beretta works closely with many publications in the modern pinup lifestyle, including Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine, Atomic Bombshells Magazine; Drive-In Magazine,and Pinup Perfection. She has worked with many notable names in modern pinup as: Miss Missy Photography (CA), Shannon Brooke Imagery (CA); Mitzi & Co. (CA); Celeste Giuliano (PA);  Bombs Over Betty (TN); and Vixen Pinup Photography (MO).  She has a great eye for creating print-worthy images and loves working on set with models to style their look.